Functions of District Monitoring Committee

       1. Reviewing the Working of the Swadhar Grehs Sanction by the Centre Government

       2. Receiving the Proposal Starting the Swadhar Greh from the NGO Submission the Proposals and Approvals and recommended the proposals.

       3. Recommending the release of the granting add in the instrument

       4. Meeting the working staff of the Swadhar GReh at regular intervals

       5.Providing the Suitable suggestion for the rehabilitation of the Beneficiary (inmates) and Reviewing the Action taken.

       6. Reviewing the Step taken to execute safety of the Beneficiary (Inmates)

       7.Inspections the facilities provided to the Beneficiary(Inmates)

       8.Encouraging the Beneficiaries to Participate in the Community Program

       9.Establishing the link to different other schemes Govt

       10. Creating Public Awareness Regarding the Schemes