About Scheme: SWADHAR GREH

    A Swadhar scheme for Women in Difficult Circumstances was launched by the Department of Women and Child Development in 2001- 02. The scheme aims to rehabilitate such women in difficult circumstance by providing the shelter, food, clothing, counseling, training, clinical and legal aid. Centre for Market Research and Social Development, New Delhi conducted an evaluation in 2007 to assess the performance of both the schemes (Swadhar and short stay home). The evaluation report, while citing the effectiveness and positive impact of measures adopted under the schemes for counseling and rehabilitation found that the profile and category of residents, admission procedure, counseling, quality of service, vocational training, rehabilitation and follow up procedure are almost similar in both the schemes (Swadhar and short stay home) . It, therefore, recommended merger of these two schemes (Swadhar and short stay home) for better functioning and outcomes with lesser administrative burdens and procedures.So new scheme Swadhar Greh came into effect from 2015.

   The positive findings of the evaluation study has encouraged the Ministry to propose this new scheme Swadhar Greh that would target the women victims of unfortunate circumstances who are in need of institutional support for rehabilitation so that they could lead their life with dignity.
    The scheme is meant to provide temporary accommodation, maintenance and rehabilitative services to women and girls rendered homeless due to family discord, crime, violence, mental stress, social ostracism or are being forced into prostitution and are in moral danger.

In Karnataka Swadhar Greh Scheme Implement from 2016-17, at present 48 Swadhar Grehs are functioning.

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